Sunday, 9 December 2012

New Printed Book Work for Ghosts of Gone Birds Advent Project

As well as my new work entitled Folded, I was also asked to create a sculptural work to be placed inside one of the bespoke advent calender bird boxes currently displayed at the ONCA Gallery in Brighton.  Each day a different artist's work is being revealed and today was my turn.  Here are some images from my studio and you can see the work in situ here.  The work is called Don't Make Me The Target and it focuses on the idea of extinction, using the book as a sort of check list for birds that have been targeted or are currently endangered. Original a found bird book from my parent's house, I have filled the pages with my own printed and painted imagery. Using the book as a sculptural object I wanted to change the traditional idea of printed matter through artistic intervention, adding new life to something that was until recently collecting dust on a bookshelf.

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